Terms with Tag Actuarial

  • Actuarial Table Definition,
    • A table used in actuarial science that outlines the statistical probability that an individual of a specific age and sex will die within a year.
  • Actuary Definition,
    • An individual who assesses the mechanisms, mathematics and complexities of risk and uncertainty.
  • Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate (AAMR)Acronym,
    • Age-Standardized Mortality Rate (ASMR)Acronym,
      • Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Company, United States,
        • Comparative Mortality Figure (CMF)Acronym,
            Used in the study of occupational mortality.
          • Crude Mortality Rate (CMR)Acronym,
              Also known as Crude Death Rate.
            • Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)Acronym,
                Usually measured per thousand live births.
              • Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)Acronym,
                • More or Less (m/l)Abbreviation,
                  • Mortality and Expense Risk Charge Definition,
                    • A charge sometimes applied to reimburse an insurer for the risks in a policy.
                  • Mortality Rate Definition,
                    • A measurement of how many people in a particular population set and in a particular period of time die.
                  • Mortality Rate Doubling Time (MRDT)Acronym,
                    • Variable derived from the Gompertz equation that determines the time required for a mortality rate to double.
                  • Mortality Rate Within 120 Days (MR120)Acronym,
                    • Perinatal Mortality Rate (PMR)Acronym,
                      • Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rate (RAMR)Acronym,
                          Predicted risk of death.
                        • Risk-Standardized Mortality Rate (RSMR)Acronym,
                          • Single Monthly Mortality (SMM)Acronym,
                              Used to estimate monthly rate of prepayments for a mortgage pool.
                            • Society of Actuaries (SOA) Company Est. 1889, United States,
                              • Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR)Acronym,
                                  Used in the study of occupational mortality.
                                • Ultimate Mortality Table Definition,
                                  • A mortality table that does not include information from people who have been approved for life insurance recently.
                                • Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense (ULAE)Acronym,
                                  • Under Five Mortality Rate (U5MR)Acronym,
                                      From United Nations Children's Fund.
                                    • Underlying Mortality Assumption Definition,
                                      • A measurement of death rates that is used to estimate pension obligations and insurance premiums.
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