Terms with Tag Rental Property

  • 1 Car Garage (1C)Acronym,
    • 2 Car Garage (2C)Acronym,
      • 24-Hour Doorman (24hr Drm)Abbreviation,
          Doorman is on duty 24 hours.
        • Above-Ground Swimming Pool (a/g pl, PL-A)Acronym & Abbreviation,
          • Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW)Acronym,
            • Accommodations (acomm)Abbreviation,
              • Advance (adv)Abbreviation,
                • Air Conditioning (air cond, A/C)Acronym & Abbreviation,
                  • All Bills Paid (ABP)Acronym,
                    • Apartment (apt)Abbreviation,
                      • Appliances (appl)Abbreviation,
                        • Assigned (assg)Abbreviation,
                            As in assigned parking.
                          • Assigned Storage (stor)Abbreviation,
                            • Assisted Rental Program (ARP)Acronym,
                              • Available (avail)Abbreviation,
                                • Balcony (balc)Abbreviation,
                                  • Beach (Bch)Abbreviation,
                                    • Bedroom (br, b/r, bdrm, bd)Abbreviation,
                                      • Bedroom Hall Kitchen (BHK)Acronym,
                                        • Breakfast (brkf)Abbreviation,
                                          • Brownstone (bstn, brnstn)Abbreviation,
                                            • A three- to five-story building usually without an elevator, so named because of traditional "brownstone" or brick frontage.
                                          • Bungalow (bung)Abbreviation,
                                            • Cable (cbl)Abbreviation,
                                              • Cable Hookup (cblh)Abbreviation,
                                                • Carport (cprt, crprt) Abbreviation,
                                                  • A roofed parking area that lacks one or more walls.
                                                • Ceiling Fan (c-fan, ceilfan, cfan)Abbreviation,
                                                  • Chain Link Fence (chn)Abbreviation,
                                                    • Clothes Washer / Clothes Dryer (CW/CD)Acronym,
                                                      • Club Pool (clbpl, clbpool)Abbreviation,
                                                        • Clubhouse (clbhs)Abbreviation,
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