• The act of giving something up.
  • When the condition of ownership for a property becomes a burden or is troublesome to the owner, he or she may choose to become a non-payer and abandon the property. In the event of "abandonment," creditors can seek to recover their money as the property is no longer part of the estate.

relinquish, desertion, give up, leave, surrender

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Abandonment Clause Definition,
    • A clause that allows the insured to abandon damaged or lost property without losing insurance benefits.
  • Debtor Definition,
    • Anyone who owes money to a creditor.
    • A person who has filed a petition for relief under the bankruptcy laws.
  • Estate Definition,
    • The ownership interest of an individual in real property.
    • The total sum of all the real property and personal property owned by an individual at time of death.
  • Lien Definition,
    • A legal hold or claim of a creditor on the property of another.
  • Temporarily Obsolete Abandoned Derelict Sites (TOADS)Acronym,
    • Waiver Definition,
      • The intentional and voluntary renunciation, abandonment, or surrender of some claim, right, or privilege.
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