Accredited Mortgage Professional


  • "Accredited" means officially recognized or authorized.
  • The Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) is Canada's national designation for mortgage professionals. Launched in 2004, the AMP was developed by CAAMP (formerly CIMBL) as part of an ongoing commitment to increasing the level of professionalism in Canada's mortgage industry through the development of educational and ethical standards. Consumers should know that the AMP designation sets a single national proficiency standard for Canada's mortgage professionals.


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Accreditation offered by Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP).

adept, skilled, experienced professional, qualified mortgage broker


Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Broker (Bkr) Abbreviation,
    • A person or firm who acts on behalf of another.
  • Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) Company Est. 1994, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Very Important,
    • Supports the mortgage industry with statistics, publications, research reports and accreditation through its AMP designation.
    Formerly known as the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL).
  • Creative Financing Definition,
    • An innovative or unusual way of structuring a home loan that allows the buyer to buy the house.
  • Institute of Canadian Bankers Company,
    • An institute that provides education and training programs specific to professionals in the financial-service industry
  • Mortgage (mtg) Abbreviation, Important,
    • A mortgage is a contract stipulating a specific real property, typically a residence or building, as collateral for a loan. The mortgage incurs a rate of interest that varies according to term and other features.
  • Mortgage Broker (MB) Acronym, Important,
    • One who finds clients perspective lenders at generally no cost. Mortgage Brokers have a special relationship with lenders and can offer their clients the best rates and service. CanEquity goes through great lengths to ensure you are serviced by the best Mortgage Brokers in Canada.
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