Anticipatory Breach


  • A notification that one party plans not to fulfill obligations set forth in a contract making it impossible for the other party to fulfill their end of the agreement.
  • In a contract, when one party reneges on the agreement, the other party is notified and is no longer responsible for fulfilling their expectations.

unachievable, unfulfillable, invalid, negated

Alternate Spellings
repudiation, constructive

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Breach of Contract (BOC) Acronym,
    • Failure to abide by terms of a legal agreement without a legal excuse.
  • Contract Definition,
    • An agreement between two or more parties that can be enforced by law.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Acronym,
    • A contract that disallows one or more parties from disclosing information covered by the contract.
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