Non-Disclosure Agreement


  • A legally binding contract which stipulates that one or more parties may not disclose confidential materials, knowledge, or information as outlined by the contract to another third party. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are often used by companies to keep proprietary information and trade secrets confidential. Also known as a "confidentiality agreement (CA)," "confidential disclosure agreement (CDA)," "proprietary information agreement (PIA)," or "secrecy agreement."

secrecy agreement, confidential disclosure agreement, proprietary information agreement, confidentiality agreement


Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Anticipatory Breach Definition,
    • A notification that one party to a contract plans to renege, releasing the other party from having to fulfill its end of the agreement.
  • Bona Fide Definition,
    • In good faith. In real estate, a bona fide purchaser or seller has the legal right to give or receive title.
  • Contract Definition,
    • An agreement between two or more parties that can be enforced by law.
  • Covenant Definition,
    • A promise made in a contract or property deed.
  • Injunction Definition,
    • A court order that prohibits a party from taking a specific course of action.
  • Lawsuit Definition,
    • A suit brought before a court in order to remedy an alleged injustice.
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA)Acronym,
    • Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA, NC/ND)Acronym,
      • Rescission Definition,
        • Cancellation of a contract by agreement of the parties.
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