Aviation Easement

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  • air traffic
  • fly zone
  • right of way

Definition of Aviation Easement

  1. An agreement granting the right to fly airplanes over property, even if doing so causes damage, inconvenience, or loss of property value to the property owner. This type of agreement usually restricts the property owner from building or growing anything over a defined height.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Easement Definition,
    • Giving persons other than the owner access to or over a property.
    • A means by which access or right of way is granted by law if an owner of a property is negligent in restricting access or enforcing trespassing laws for ten years or more.
  • Market Value (MV) Acronym, Important,
    • Also known as "Fair Market Value." The estimated value of a property which a seller could expect to receive under normal conditions.
  • Current Market Value (CMV) Acronym,
    • The estimated price determined by the recent sale of similar properties.
  • Adverse Possession Definition,
    • A means of getting title to land by using it without the objection of the title holder.
  • Bundle of Rights Definition,
    • A set of legal rights that an owner has regarding a property.
  • Encroachment Definition,
    • An improvement, such as a fence, that illegally extends onto another property or impedes the neighbour's use of that property.
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