• A structure, fence, or other object that illegally extends onto another person's property. Such encroachments might also impede the use of the property by the property owner.

beyond limits, invasion, advancement, infringement, illegal contact

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Agreed Boundary Definition,
    • Property lines that are drawn to settle a dispute between neighbouring property owners.
  • Aviation Easement Definition,
    • An agreement that grants the right to fly airplanes over property, even if the practice causes damage, inconvenience, or loss of property value. Such an agreement usually restricts the property owner from building or growing anything over a specified height.
  • Boundary Definition,
    • The line dividing adjacent properties.
  • Condemnation Definition,
    • The act of condemning (as land forfeited for public use) or judging by a government to be unfit for use.
  • Easement Definition,
    • A means by which access or right of way is granted by law if an owner of a property is negligent in restricting access or enforcing trespassing laws for ten years or more.
    • Giving persons other than the owner access to or over a property.
  • Illegal View Definition,
    • The existence of any exterior openings in a building which creates an illegal view of adjoining lands.
  • Insurable Title Definition,
    • A title that can be insured.
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