Breach of Warranty


  • In real estate, the failure of the seller to pass clear title to the property buyer as either expressed or implied (by law) in the conveyancing document.

fall-through, failure to perform, not deliver as promised

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Breach of Contract (BOC) Acronym,
    • Failure to abide by terms of a legal agreement without a legal excuse.
  • Breach of Covenant Definition,
    • Violation of a promise made in a contract or property deed.
  • Contract Definition,
    • An agreement between two or more parties that can be enforced by law.
  • Extended Warranty Definition,
    • A service contract that covers certain vehicle repairs or problems after the manufacturer's or dealer's warranty expires. Extended warranties are sold by vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and independent companies. With a new vehicle, the extended warranty must be purchased by the end of the first year of ownership.
  • Forfeiture Definition,
    • Loss of property because of violation of law or contract.
  • Home Warranty Definition,
    • A policy that guarantees workmanship on construction of a home and functionality of some appliances, and which pays for repairs for a specified period.
  • Warranty Definition,
    • A document certifying clear title to a property.
    • A guarantee from a dealer or a manufacturer that a vehicle or product will perform as expected or specified. An auto warranty usually covers specified mechanical problems for a set number of kilometers or period.
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