• Something that increases the potential risk of injury or loss. An example of a hazard would be an ice-covered walkway.

risk, danger

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Asbestos (asb) Abbreviation,
    • A fire-resistant element that once was commonly used for insulation. It poses a lung hazard.
  • Clear-Space Clause Definition,
    • A clause that requires insured property to be located a minimum distance from surrounding property.
  • Exposure Definition,
    • How much liability an insurer takes on when they write an insurance policy.
  • Hazard Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers hazards that are considered risky enough not to be covered by a standard insurance policy.
  • Hazardous Activity Definition,
    • Activities that pose a high risk of injury and as such are not covered by an insurance policy.
  • Peril Definition,
    • Anything that poses a risk of loss, which may or may not be insurable depending on the potential for risk.
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