Live-work Space


  • A structure or dwelling in which the occupant lives and works. A loft is a popular type of live-work space.

home business, home based business, working from home, work at home

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Bedroom Community Definition,
    • A suburb in which most residents commute to the city to work.
  • Den Definition,
    • An additional small room within a home often used as an office.
  • Gross Living Area (GLA) Acronym, Important,
    • The gross above ground, finished living area in a property.
    Above ground total floor area of a home excluding porches and balconies.
  • Home Office (HO) Acronym,
    • A part of your home or other structure on your property for which you qualify to take a deduction for its business use.
    Many mortgage and insurance brokers do work from home and utilize a home office.
  • Study Definition,
    • A room used for reading or work
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