Open-end Fund


  • A type of mutual fund that gives investors the option to sell shares back to the fund at their net asset value at the end of each business day. An open-end fund will constantly increase and decrease the number of shares in the fund as investors buy and sell shares in the fund, which provides investors with a convenient and flexible investment vehicle. Open-end funds are managed by a professional investment manager who buys and sells securities within the mutual fund's investment portfolio. Also known as an "open-end mutual fund" or "open-end investment."

open-end mutual fund, open-end investment

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Closed-end Fund Definition,
    • A mutual fund with shares initially sold to investors through an IPO; afterwards, the fund is listed on a stock exchange to be bought and sold.
  • Investment Definition,
    • Something you put your money into in order to make money.
  • Investment Income Definition,
    • Income that is earned from investments such as interest, dividends, and capital gains.
  • Mutual Fund Definition,
    • A type of investment scheme that pools funds from multiple backers and invests them in securities such as stock or bonds.
  • Portfolio Definition,
    • A collection of investments.
  • Protected Fund Definition,
    • A mutual fund that guarantees investors a return on their investments.
  • Secondary Market Definition,
    • A market where financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, options and futures are bought and sold to investors.
  • Securities/Investment Dealer Definition,
    • One who acts as the agent for another party to buy and sell securities and other investments; also an underwriter.
  • Security Definition,
    • A tradable financial implement that represents ownership, the rights to ownership or debt.
    • Property designated as collateral.
    • A document stating ownership of a stock or bond.
  • Segregated Fund Definition,
    • Investment vehicles that feature both maturity and death guarantees. Segregated funds share similarities with mutual funds but are categorized as insurance products.
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