Sale Price

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  • total sale price
  • final sale price

Definition of Sale Price

  1. The ultimate price that a buyer pays for an asset. In real estate, the sale price is the final number negotiated by the buyer and the seller for the sale of property.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Property Value Bank,
    • The worth of a piece of real estate, based on the price a buyer and seller would negotiate.
  • Monetary Value Bank,
    • A property's monetary value is its worth if sold at this moment in time.
  • Agreement of Sale (AOS) Acronym,
    • A document in which a property's buyer and seller approve the price and other terms of the transfer of title.
  • Purchase Price Definition,
    • The total selling price of the home, including the cash down payment and the principal on the loan.
  • Lending Value Definition,
    • The property value for mortgage purposes. Usually the lesser of appraised value or sale price.
  • Sales Contract Definition,
    • A legal written document that details the agreed upon conditions between a seller and a buyer regarding the sale of a specific property. Also called an "Agreement of Sale."
  • Appraised Value Definition,
    • An educated opinion of how much a property is worth.
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