Water Damage Insurance


  • An insurance policy or a clause in a homeowners insurance policy that provides the policyholder coverage for losses resulting from water damage. A water damage insurance policy can cover damages from frozen or burst pipes, sewer backup, or other events not resulting from homeowner's negligence or failures in home maintenance. Water damage insurance does not generally cover flood damages. Also known as "water damage clause."

water damage coverage, water damage clause, water damage policy

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Debris Removal Provision Definition,
    • A property insurance policy provision that can pay for the costs of cleaning up debris resulting from insured damages.
  • Demolition Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers demolition costs for an irreparably damaged building.
  • Flood Insurance Definition,
    • An insurance policy that provides coverage for the damages resulting from flooding. Canadian homeowners are currently unable to purchase flood insurance.
  • Flood Plain (flpl) Abbreviation,
    • Land that is prone to inundation.
  • Reliction Definition,
    • An increase in the amount of land that occurs when a river or sea permanently withdraws.
  • Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers policyholders for liability from water damage to another party's property.
  • Water Exclusion Clause Definition,
    • A provision that gives an insurer the option to deny coverage for certain kinds of water damage.
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