Water Exclusion Clause


  • A clause in a property insurance policy that denies coverage for water damage from certain sources such as tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, groundwater, standing water, or sewage backup.

blacklist, veto, fine print, reject water damage

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Exclusions Definition,
    • Situations, as listed in an insurance policy, where insurance companies are allowed to deny coverage to policyholders.
  • Homeowners Insurance Definition,
    • A policy that includes hazard coverage, covering loss or damage to property and/or assets located within, as well as coverage for personal liability and theft.
  • Hurricane Deductible Definition,
    • The payment a policyholder must make to their insurance company before receiving benefits after a hurricane.
  • Reliction Definition,
    • An increase in the amount of land that occurs when a river or sea permanently withdraws.
  • Water Damage Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers water damage to insured property.
  • Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers policyholders for liability from water damage to another party's property.
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