Hurricane Deductible


  • The amount the insured must pay before receiving insurance benefits after a hurricane. Some insurance companies require a percentage based deductible for hurricane damage instead of a standard set dollar deductible.

insurance payment, payment for insurance claim

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Casualty and Theft Loss Definition,
    • A loss caused by a hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, theft or similar event that is sudden, unexpected or unusual. You can deduct a portion of personal casualty or theft losses as an itemized deduction.
  • Catastrophe Hazard Definition,
    • An event, such as a hurricane or earthquake, that poses a risk of a catastrophic loss.
  • Catastrophe Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers losses due to catastrophe hazards such as hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks.
  • Deductible Definition,
    • A payment that a policyholder must make before an insurer is required to provide benefits.
  • Water Exclusion Clause Definition,
    • A provision that gives an insurer the option to deny coverage for certain kinds of water damage.
  • Windstorm Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that covers damages resulting from windstorms.
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