Does Low Rate Mean Low Quality?

Low Mortgage Rates
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While some mortgage specialists feel that in questing to attain the lowest interest rate on your mortgage you will sacrifice the value of professional guidance, other brokers feel the opposite is true.

In today’s Internet-savvy consumer market, home purchasers are able to peruse and compare a gamut of rates and products online in a much shorter time frame than they would if they had to individually call each firm. They are often shopping purely for rate, not for advice. For that, they can look to a host of web-available informational tools, such as an online mortgage library, mortgage glossary, mortgage calculator or mortgage-focused blogs.

It is true that some Canadian mortgage brokerages succeed based on their reputation for sound planning and advice, and don’t find the need to advertise their available rates online. Other brokerages have chosen to cater to Canadians who are web-shopping for rates, and are aiming to secure for their mortgage the lowest rate available on terms that fit their individual circumstances.

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