Online Course Aids Canadians in ‘Realizing the Dream of Home Ownership’

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In efforts to increase mortgage knowledge and financial responsibility among Canadians debating or planning toward home ownership, the CAAMP Foundation (the charitable division of CAAMP) and Credit Canada (a charitable, not-for-profit organization providing money management awareness to Canadians) have made available an online course for Canadian consumers.

The Learning Management System (LMS), e-learning course is entitled, simply, Realizing the Dream of Home Ownership. The course’s outcome is aimed to encourage Canadians to engage in home ownership responsibly and confidently by improving their financial and budgeting skills.

Credit Canada and the CAAMP Foundation know that home ownership is one of the most important achievements and undertakings one will take on in their lives. They want this process to be clear and understandable to Canadians. The course aims to define key terms involved in home ownership, and offer guidance that will result in a potential home owner making a decision on home ownership that makes wise sense in terms of both their financial capabilities and their emotional ones.

The Home Ownership course will take users through modules that cover the pertinent home purchase topics of:

  • Saving for a down payment
  • First-time homebuyer government initiatives
  • Understanding your credit score
  • Building your home buying team
  • Mortgage basics
  • Qualifying for a mortgage and mortgage pre-approval
  • Shopping for your home
  • Closing the deal
  • Paying off your mortgage

The Home Ownership course requires a flash or shockwave player, but provides links to download these if you do not currently have these players installed on your home or office computer. The course takes approximately one hour to complete.

Upon completion of the Home Ownership course, your results will be stored on your info page. The website appears to have left room for additional course content to be added in the future.

The Home Ownership course is free, and the payoff of the advice it lends could be exponential. Home ownership should be an exciting and rewarding process. There are many decisions involved in ensuring that the home ownership process does result in those two outcomes. Utilize this online tool, take notes, and enter the home buying process that much more informed and assured.

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