Terms with Tag Humour

  • Alien Abduction Insurance (AAI) Acronym, Cosmos,
    • Insurance that covers costs resulting from alien abductions.
    An extra-terrestrial abduction policy.
  • Confusio-Lexicon Maximus Definition,
    • The rescinding of language in process when none is making nonsense less and therefore incurred but not reported deficiencies in mental capacities are not apparently un-obviously imposed.
  • Current Account Secretly Hidden from Loved One (CASHFLO)Acronym,
    • Lawn Gnome Fidelity Bond (LGFB) Acronym, Middle Earth / Underground,
      • Insurance that covers losses due to the actions of dishonest lawn gnomes.
      The LGFB acronym is quite often incorrectly mislabelled as a Lost Gnome from Backyard and Looks Good From Behind.
    • Lawn Gnome Theft Insurance (LGTI) Acronym, Backyard,
      • Insurance that covers losses resulting from lawn gnome theft.
      Also known as Garden Gnome Theft Insurance (GGTI).
    • Pre-Existing Alien Abduction Clause (PEAAC)Acronym,
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