Alien Abduction Insurance


  • Insurance that provides coverage in the extremely likely event that the policyholder is abducted by space aliens. Alien abduction insurance will cover travel costs, 'probe' removals, and will provide funding for therapy and/or gender re-assignment surgery. Some policies only provide coverage for abduction by aliens from within our own solar system; these so-called 'sol system policies' or SSPs are a cost-effective measure, but they do not provide the level of coverage that sector, quadrant, galaxy or universe policies do. Multiverse policies are no longer offered due to the high number of outstanding claims as a result of the infinite nature of the multiverse and the consequently high number of trans-dimensional abductions. Riders are available to cover damages resulting from tractor beam burns, re-entry sickness, temporal anomalies, and rectal reconstructive surgery. Most alien abduction policies contain a "pre-existing alien abduction clause (PEAAC)" that denies coverage for previous alien abductions. Any damages attributed to the actions of 'The Doctor' will not be covered due to the exorbitant costs involved.

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An extra-terrestrial abduction policy.

species 8472, alien kidnapping insurance, flying saucer, martian abduction insurance, non-earthling abduction insurance


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