Terms with Tag Line Of Credit

  • Commercial Lines Definition,
    • A broad term referring to insurance policies for professionals, businesses, and other commercial establishments.
  • Credit Card (CC) Acronym, Very Important,
    • A plastic card with a coded magnetic stripe that, when signed, entitles its bearer to a revolving line of credit, with a credit limit and interest rate determined by the borrower's income and credit report.
    A payment card that gives customers access to a revolving line of credit.
  • Credit Card Application (CCA)Acronym,
    • Credit Card Purchase (CCP)Acronym,
      • Credit Line Definition,
        • The maximum money amount available in an open-end credit arrangement such as a credit card or overdraft protection.
      • Home Equity Debt Definition,
        • Debt secured by your home.
      • Line of Credit (LOC) Acronym,
        • A commitment by a financial institution to lend up to a specified maximum amount to a customer during a specified period of time.
      • Personal Line of Credit (PLC)Acronym,
        • Personal Lines Definition,
          • Property and/or casualty insurance policies of individuals or whole families.
        • Pre-Approved Credit Card (PACC)Acronym,
          • Purchase Line of Credit (PLOC)Acronym,
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