Terms with Tag Realty

  • Illegal View Definition,
    • The existence of any exterior openings in a building which creates an illegal view of adjoining lands.
  • Income Approach Definition,
    • A step in the valuation process of an income property. The value is reached by estimating the annual income minus an allowance for vacancies and bad debts and then subtracting annual operating expenses, real estate taxes, and insurance premiums to obtain the net operating income. This is then converted by capitalization into a capital value.
  • Income Property Definition,
    • Real estate developed or improved to produce income. Also referred to as "non-owner occupied property" or "rental property."
  • Independent Fee Appraiser Senior (IFAS)Acronym, Canada,
    • Independent Real Estate Brokers Association of Canada (IREBA) Company Est. 1990, Burlington, Ontario, Canada,
      • Index Definition,
        • A table of yields or interest rates being paid on debt (such as Treasury notes or bank deposits) that is used to determine interest-rate changes.
      • Industrial, Commercial, Investment (ICI)Acronym,
        • Infrastructure Definition,
          • Basic installations that a community needs, such as schools, roads, water and electrical lines, power plants and communications systems.
        • Inspection Definition,
          • A critically and carefully performed examination.
        • Inspection Report Definition,
          • The documentation of a thorough examination of a house's visible structural parts and systems, conducted before purchase.
        • Inspection Required (insp)Abbreviation,
          • Institute of Canadian Real Estate Investment Managers (ICREIM)Company,
              Assumed by REALpac (Real Property Association of Canada) on December 31, 2010.
            • Insurable Title Definition,
              • A title that can be insured.
            • Intercom (intcom)Abbreviation,
              • A two-way communication system with speakers, microphones and sometimes video feeds used to identify visitors before unlocking the door to the building.
            • Interior (int)Abbreviation,
              • International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA)Company,
                • Internet Data Exchange (IDX)Acronym,
                    MLS term.
                  • Internet Real Estate Express (IREX)Acronym, Canada,
                    • Investment Property Definition,
                      • Property bought with the hope of it making money.
                    • Investors Multiple Listing Service (IMLS)Acronym,
                      • Irregular (irr)Abbreviation,
                        • Jack and Jill Bathroom Definition,
                          • A bathroom shared by two bedrooms.
                        • Joint Tenancy Definition,
                          • When two people (typically spouses) both own an undivided interest in a property. If one joint tenant passes away, the other receives the title to the entire property.
                        • Joint Venture Definition,
                          • A partnership between two or more parties for the purpose of purchasing, owning, and/or developing real estate for a specific purpose and duration.
                        • Jointly-owned Property Definition,
                          • A property held in the name of more than one person.
                        • Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Company Est. 1999, Canada,
                            Although Jones Lang LaSalle was formed through a merger in 1999, the company's roots go back to 1783.
                          • Key Lot Definition,
                            • A lot of which ownership is essential in acquiring a piece of land for development, either because of its strategic location or the timing of the acquisition.
                          • Kingston Area Real Estate Association (KAREA) Company, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
                            • Kingston Rental Property Owners Association (KRPOA)Company, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
                              • Kootenay Real Estate Board (KREB)Company, British Columbia, Canada,
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