Accounts Receivable

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  • company revenue
  • invoices
  • income


  • A/R
  • AR

Definition of Accounts Receivable

  1. Money owed to a business by purchasers who are not required to make a payment prior to receiving goods and/or services.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Gross Profit Margin Definition,
    • The difference between the sales your business generates and the costs you pay out for goods.
  • Accounts Payable (AP, A/P) Acronym,
    • Money owed by a business for goods and services received.
  • Retained Earnings Definition,
    • All of the profits or losses accumulated from prior years and from the present year's income statement, minus dividends paid to you.
  • Balance (bal.) Abbreviation,
    • The amount of money in your account.
  • Accounting Period (AP) Acronym, Important,
    • The time period used in a set of accounting books or financial statements, often 12 months.
  • Accrued Interest Receivable (AIR)Acronym,
    • When interest on an outstanding receivable has been added to the account, but has not yet been collected.
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Acronym,
    • An expense that appears on a business's income statement and represents the inventory cost of the goods sold during a particular period.
  • Revenue Definition,
    • Money earned by a company from its business activities.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR)Acronym,
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