Mop and Glow


  • A term used in the automobile industry that refers to add-ons such as paint sealant. These add-ons do not increase the value of the vehicle, but they increase profits for the dealer.

spic and span, waxed and polished, clear coat, buffed, washed and cleaned

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Broom Clean Definition,
    • Ready to be cleaned and painted. The term does not mean immaculate or spotless or entirely clean.
  • Mint Condition Definition,
    • A term describing a building or item that's just like new.
  • Options Definition,
    • Also known as add-ons. These are features added to the car often by the dealer such as a CD stereo, anti-theft system, detailing and undercoating. Some items are purely decorative, known as "mop and glow," and do not add any value to the car.
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