Relocation Company

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Is a company: no

Is a proper noun: no


  • relocation service
  • employee relocation company

Definition of Relocation Company

  1. A company or business that specializes in providing assistance to individuals who are being relocated by their employers.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Fringe Benefit Definition,
    • Employee compensation other than your wages, tips and salaries, such as health insurance, life insurance and pension plans. Usually referred to as a Bonus.
  • Moving Expenses Definition,
    • Expenses incurred when you moved in connection with your job and are deductible if they are the reasonable costs of moving yourself, your family and your possessions. You can no longer deduct the cost of meals while moving.
  • Balance Transfer (BT) Acronym,
    • The process of moving an unpaid credit card debt from one issuer to another. Card issuers sometimes offer teaser rates to encourage balance transfers coming in and balance transfer fees to discourage them from going out.
  • Relocation Benefits Definition,
    • Money and other consideration that an employer gives to employees who move or are transferred at the company's behest. Can include reimbursement for packing and moving, house-hunting trips, and temporary housing and storage.
  • Corporate Relocation Definition,
    • An employer that transfers an employee and pays moving expenses.
    • When a company relocates to a new office.
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