Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft is Common Sense

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Protecting Your Identity

Your DNA solely codes you. Your fingerprints will never match someone else’s. There is no reason why your identity should be any different.

The vast majority of people rarely think about the possible ramifications for using their identity improperly, or how devastating an identity theft can be to their personal lives. We come across emails every day wherein people include all of their personal information.

Our online mortgage application is secure, firewalled and password protected, but email is not. Email transmissions are not protected from hackers, phishers, thieves, and con artists.

Take these measures to keep your identity protected:

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How to protect yourself from the terrors of real estate fraud

Most Canadians are well aware of the types of fraud they may be susceptible to if they don't guard their wallets and personal information with every fiber of their beings. After all, it seems like everybody has a relative or friend who found fraudulent charges on their credit card or bank statement, turning their financial security upside down in a nightmare of charge reversals and account updates.

However, just because real estate fraud isn't as common as bank, credit card and identity fraud doesn't mean it's any less terrifying and potentially damaging. Did you know that real estate fraud can shatter an otherwise perfect homebuyer's chances of owning their dream home, or – as a worst-case scenario, of course – even cause a person to lose their home?

Shudder. All Canadians need to be wary of the potential for real estate fraud and the chance that it can unfortunately happen to anybody. Here are a few helpful tips so you can protect yourself and loved ones from real estate fraud. Continue reading