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Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft is Common Sense

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Email transmissions are not protected from hackers, phishers, thieves, and con artists; you should take multiple precautions to keep your identity protected.

Refinance / Consolidate

Refinance and Consolidate Your Mortgage

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Debt consolidation or a Mortgage Refinance can cost effectively remove debt, and can make the financing of your future projects that much easier.


Report: Credit card debt decreasing, but household debt still a top concern

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Overall household debt continues to reach record highs, but Canadian consumers are becoming better at paying off credit card bills.

Credit cards and cash

Canadian teens say parents responsible for teaching money management

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Canadian teens are increasingly walking around with credit cards, cell phones and laptops, and experts suggest that parents begin having financial conversations with children at a young age.

credit card debt

Report: Canadians growing comfortable with non-mortgage debt

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According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, a significant number of Canadians are beginning to feel comfortable with their current debts outside of home loans.

Credit Limits

Impending rate hike may lead to more credit card use

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According to a recent report in The Globe and Mail, the anticipated rate hike for the nation’s home loans may lead to a significant increase in credit card use as more consumers struggle to deal with greater expenses.

Canadian debt

Canadians now more cognizant of credit card use

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According to a recent from CIBC World Markets, the overall Canadian household credit is now growing at the slowest rate recorded in nearly a decade.


Debt piling up for Canadians

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Financial debt among Canadians is piling up at a quick rate.

Know Your Credit Limits

More mortgages, fewer credit card bills for Canadians

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According to a recent article in the Financial Post, more Canadians are taking on home loans while reducing their credit card bills.

Whats your credit score? Find out today! Equifax

Upgrading credit scores for a mortgage application

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For those checking with mortgage brokers in preparation for buying a home, having a good credit score can be important. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporations says there are a number of legitimate ways to improve a score.

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