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Refinance / Consolidate

Refinance and Consolidate Your Mortgage

By: The Super Broker

Debt consolidation or a Mortgage Refinance can cost effectively remove debt, and can make the financing of your future projects that much easier.

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Over Half of Canadian Retirees Are in Debt, but That Doesn’t Have to Include You

By: Elias Kellendonk

A recent poll done by CIBC and Harris/Decima has found that 59% of Canadian retirees are still in debt. Worse yet, the poll finds that 55% of people that carry debt into retirement have seen their debt levels either increase or remain unchanged over the past year. As you can imagine, it only becomes more …

Credit history

Improve Bad Credit in Six Easy Steps

By: Elias Kellendonk

Credit score is one of the major players in determining the amount of financing and interest rate you are eligible to receive. Credit history proves to lenders how reliable you are when granted funds. Leading up to your mortgage application, there are six, quite simple steps you can take to help improve your credit rating. …


Financial Dos and Don'ts for Couples

By: Elias Kellendonk

Common Mistakes Couples Make when Dealing with Money “I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay,” sings Abba in their famed hit Money, Money, Money – it’s a rich man’s world. For the majority of couples who didn’t find their “wealthy man”, money is a weighty issue, …

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Should Debt Halt your Plans for Wedded Bliss?

By: Elias Kellendonk

Money can’t buy you love, but a large shortfall of it sure seems to have an effect in destroying it. Money troubles are consistently one of the chief factors associated with divorce and the number one reason couples state they bicker. That said, is it a good idea to openly enter into a marriage contract …


Officials warn of potentially tighter mortgage rules

By: The Super Broker

Officials in Ottawa are warning that they could further restrict mortgage availability in an effort to cut down on rising debt levels across the country.

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Report: Government and banks looking to cut consumer debts

By: The Super Broker

Extract: Government officials are now meeting with Bay Street banks to try and come up with new ways to drive down persistent high levels of consumer debt.

The Unusual Mortgage Market of the United States

By: Elias Kellendonk

The U.S. has an atypically high proponent of mortgagors opting for longer term fixed rate mortgages,

Retirement on hold

Low interest rates, debt causing retirement struggles

By: The Super Broker

While low Canadian interest rates have been helpful for those looking to buy a home, the Globe and Mail reports that they are also making it difficult for those getting ready to retire.

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