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Mortgage calculators can help homeowners pay off mortgages before the average age

By: The Super Broker

A poll found that the average age a Canadian person will be before paying off their full mortgage is 57, according to St. Lawrence EMC. This is up a few years compared to age 55 a similar poll conducted in 2012 found. Canadians are making positive changes to speed up mortgage payments, but it may …

Canadians more optimistic regarding household debt

By: The Super Broker

A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers spotlights new trends in Canadian views on debt, as well as the impact of mortgage restrictions on the real estate market.

CMHC consumer survey sheds light on mortgage process

By: The Super Broker

When evaluating the mortgage market, one of the best ways to understand how the industry is faring is to look at the ways consumers are going about the process of finding a mortgage. The manner in which borrowers react to rules and regulations, use various tools to search for mortgage information (including lender websites and …

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Over Half of Canadian Retirees Are in Debt, but That Doesn’t Have to Include You

By: Elias Kellendonk

A recent poll done by CIBC and Harris/Decima has found that 59% of Canadian retirees are still in debt. Worse yet, the poll finds that 55% of people that carry debt into retirement have seen their debt levels either increase or remain unchanged over the past year. As you can imagine, it only becomes more …

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The Benefits of CanEquity’s Mortgage Calculator

By: The Super Broker

Canadian Equity has recently upgraded its mortgage calculators, refining them with client feedback to make them bigger, better and more beneficial.

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Online is the new frontier for mortgage hunters

By: The Super Broker

According to a new survey from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, almost one-third of Canadians do all their mortgage research online…

First Time Home Buyers

Preparing for your first mortgage

By: The Super Broker

Before running off to see the mortgage broker, Canadians entering the housing market for the first time should ask themselves whether they can afford a new home.

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Report: Housing market stable in most cities

By: The Super Broker

A new report finds housing market trends in most cities remained relatively stable over the month of July as many buyers continued to use mortgage calculators to see the advantage of low rates.

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How to Calculate Mortgage Penalties

By: Elias Kellendonk

There are numerous good reasons as to why mid-term you may be considering the option of breaking your mortgage. You may have found yourself in need of extra finances, have located a much better rate, are aiming to consolidate high interest debts, are interested in early renewal or are paying out the balance of your …

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