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Over Half of Canadian Retirees Are in Debt, but That Doesn’t Have to Include You

By: Elias Kellendonk

A recent poll done by CIBC and Harris/Decima has found that 59% of Canadian retirees are still in debt. Worse yet, the poll finds that 55% of people that carry debt into retirement have seen their debt levels either increase or remain unchanged over the past year. As you can imagine, it only becomes more …

Paying off a mortgage faster

By: The Super Broker

Data from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce shows that Canadian borrowers believe it will take them longer than previously thought to pay off their mortgages.

Mortgage rates

Help pay off your mortgage faster

By: The Super Broker

With mortgage rates at historic lows, there are a number of ways to pay off your home quickly and easily.

Paying off your mortgage before retirement

By: The Super Broker

Older Canadians are approaching retirement with more debt than ever before, and are accumulating it at a much faster pace.

financial planning

Why wait until New Year's Day? Start thinking about financial strategy now

By: The Super Broker

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are often the hardest to keep, especially when it comes to counting calories, quitting vices, losing weight and, of course, saving money.

retirement planning

Single parents putting off retirement, spending more on kids' higher education

By: The Super Broker

It’s hard enough for most Canadian households to save sufficient money for retirement, even if those households include secure retirement savings plans, multiple sources of income and very little debt.

Large home

Upgrading houses and properties not limited to growing families

By: The Super Broker

Empty nesters – the people who got their kids up and out of the house with time left to enjoy their freedom – have a lot of options on their plates.

Grey divorce

'Grey divorce' phenomenon increases need for financial planning and real estate know-how

By: The Super Broker

We’re used to hearing about celebrities and pop culture icons getting divorces, and most of us are probably so sick of hearing the overly dramatic stories that we’ve learned to tune them out.


Older Canadians less likely to pay off loans quickly

By: The Super Broker

Retirement is meant to be a time for relaxing and enjoying the rewards of your years spent working and building wealth. Unfortunately, some Canadians are relaxing a little bit too much and not taking steps to get out of debt sooner.


Older population would shift housing market significantly

By: The Super Broker

Many Canadians use their homes to help pay for retirement, whether through a traditional home equity loan or a reverse mortgage.

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