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no power

Dealing with home emergencies

By: The Super Broker

It’s essential that homeowners understand how to keep their family and property safe in case of an emergency.


Security and your new home

By: The Super Broker

When it comes down to it, isn’t your and your family’s safety more important than mortgage rates and closing costs?

flooded homes

Is your home insured for natural disasters?

By: The Super Broker

With Hurricane Sandy ripping her way through homes and neighborhoods in the U.S. and Canada, it’s a little late to worry about whether your home is insured for natural disasters.

Hurricane Sandy’s full effect not yet known

By: The Super Broker

The shockwaves from the U.S. economy will be felt throughout Canada as well.


Don't get burned when planning home renovations

By: The Super Broker

So, you were able to secure a mortgage and loans and buy your dream house?

Financial planning

High-income Canadians financially plan differently

By: The Super Broker

Clearly when families have more money it’s easier to set funds aside, but some experts say wealthy Canadians are more likely to have an economic plan, less debt and a strong marriage.

The Globe and Mail

Tips for an effective move

By: The Super Broker

A recent Globe and Mail article provided several tips for consumers to ensure a move is effective and safe.

Don't drink and drive

Drunk Driving Highest in Interior BC Towns, Not Urban Areas

By: Elias Kellendonk

According to ICBC investigation records, as accessed by Global News in an exclusive investigation, the postal code areas showing the highest rates of alcohol-related suspensions are within interior towns, not heavier populated urban areas. The top 10 highest volumes of alcohol-related suspensions per postal code – ranging from 12-hour license suspensions to impaired driving causing …

Home warranty included with new BC homes

By: The Super Broker

Those checking posted rates looking at new homes in British Columbia will already have assurances that the home will be in good working order. Provincial regulations require that most new homes are covered by warranty insurance.

Recession may lead to longer lives

By: The Super Broker

While the recession caused financial issues for many families, it may also have had some benefits. The Globe and Mail reports a new study has found that a rise in unemployment actually leads to drop in mortality.

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