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Refinance / Consolidate

Refinance and Consolidate Your Mortgage

By: The Super Broker

Debt consolidation or a Mortgage Refinance can cost effectively remove debt, and can make the financing of your future projects that much easier.

Mutual fund

Investing for Young People Part 3: Differentiating Mutual Funds

By: Elias Kellendonk

Perhaps jumping into the stock market has turned out to be more of a chore than you and your child anticipated. If savings bonds and GICs are not offering the rates of return you and your child would like to see their savings yielding, mutual funds are a promising alternative. At current Canadians have well …

Is a Holiday Cottage Within Your Budget?

By: Elias Kellendonk

What you Need to Consider Before Purchasing your Vacation Home There is little more appealing than a second property that provides a getaway from your hectic city life; a place to host family and build memories; and an investment from which rental revenue can be generated during the weeks or months you won’t be using …

CREA The Canadian Real Estate Association

Canadians showing confidence in their assets

By: The Super Broker

A recent report from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services discovered that an increased amount of confidence among Canadians can be attributed to the high number of citizens with more than $1 million in assets.

Mortgages Canada

Report: 5.7 million Canadians now have mortgages, owe $860 million

By: The Super Broker

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals recently released data concerning the country’s real estate and homeowners market.


Report: Canadians borrowed more home equity during 2010

By: The Super Broker

According to new data released by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, more residents took money out from their homes during 2010.

Stop Spending

Americans outsaving Canadians

By: The Super Broker

While the economy of the United States continues to struggle, a report from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce finds that Americans are ahead of Canadians in one financial planning measure – personal savings.

Commercial New Purchase, CanEquity

CMHC Allows Commercial Financing up to 85 per cent

By: Elias Kellendonk

With the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s multi-unit insurance coverage, a commercial investor can attain up to 85 per cent financing toward their commercial purchase.

RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Paying off your Mortgage before you Retire

By: Elias Kellendonk

More than half of the baby boomer generation has paid off less than 50 per cent of their current mortgage.

Home Income Reverse Mortgage

Utilizing the Reverse Mortgage to its Maximum Wealth Management Potential

By: The Super Broker

A reverse mortgage frees the equity you have built in your home with very little out of pocket expense – as little as $300 to $600 so long as no title issues are attributed to your property.

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