Tag: second property

bridge financing

Understanding bridge loans

By: The Super Broker

Timing may be everything, but that doesn’t mean that it always adds up the way you want it to.

vacation home

Buying a vacation home

By: The Super Broker

With mortgage rates near historic lows and home prices becoming more affordable, now might be the perfect time to consider purchasing a vacation home.

Closing a vacation home for winter

By: The Super Broker

While the joys of owning a vacation home are plentiful, having a second property also means having extra responsibility.

Rental property

Buying a rental property

By: The Super Broker

For Canadians looking to add to their income, investing in a rental property is an attractive option.

Recreational property market set to experience significant growth

By: The Super Broker

According to a recent report from RE/MAX, the market for recreational property sales could expand significantly going forward.

Is a Holiday Cottage Within Your Budget?

By: Elias Kellendonk

What you Need to Consider Before Purchasing your Vacation Home There is little more appealing than a second property that provides a getaway from your hectic city life; a place to host family and build memories; and an investment from which rental revenue can be generated during the weeks or months you won’t be using …

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