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Understanding Commercial Mortgages

By: The Super Broker

The commercial mortgage market is just as important for the economy as residential housing, if not more so.

Canadian economy

Commercial real estate properties and activity fuel Canadian economy

By: The Super Broker

Everyone who knows somebody contributing to the commercial mortgage sector needs to thank that person for contributing to the Canadian economy.

buying farmland

Young Canadians want to buy farmland, may be unprepared for high costs

By: The Super Broker

It sounds like a situation straight from the set of “Green Acres” or a blockbuster movie: A city-born, educated person in their mid-20s decides to ditch their metro condo and cramped corporate life for farm life.

commercial new purchase

Commercial buyers: Now may be the right time to make an offer

By: The Super Broker

Many experts will attest that the Canadian housing market is inflated and seemingly oversaturated thanks to incredibly low interest rates, but how is the commercial real estate outlook for business owners?

Canadian commercial mortgages to benefit from economic conditions

By: The Super Broker

Canada may see a surge in commercial mortgages in the coming years, according to a recent analysis from the BMO Financial Group. While the market for commercial real estate has been pretty sluggish since the early

Commercial Real Estate

Canadian commercial real estate in a tight spot

By: The Super Broker

Canada has been fortunate in that it has been relatively untouched by the economic calamities affecting parts of the world, but businesses have still been facing some challenges.

Commercial building

Commercial real estate doing well, industry leaders say

By: The Super Broker

Canada’s housing market has been on an upward trajectory for the past few years, with no real end in sight.

Canadian confidence grows, but what's causing shaky U.S. recovery?

By: The Super Broker

As the American economy continues its climb out of recession, more Canadian financial experts are gaining confidence in their southern neighbors. Still, any slips stateside could carry significant consequences for Canada.

Toronto Real Estate Board

Commercial market figures reported by GTA Commercial Realtors

By: The Super Broker

The Toronto Real Estate Board Commercial Division Members recently reported there was a total of 464,008 square feet of total leased commercial space in January 2012.

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