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Don't be Afraid to Talk to a Mortgage Broker

By: Elias Kellendonk

Halloween aside, this October has plenty of reasons to get you spooked, what with a recession, a long and tiring election campaign, and recent world events. Plenty of reasons, but your mortgage need not be one of them. We’re here to help in this frightful time, no matter if you’re buying a home, renewing your …

Refinance / Consolidate

Refinance and Consolidate Your Mortgage

By: The Super Broker

Debt consolidation or a Mortgage Refinance can cost effectively remove debt, and can make the financing of your future projects that much easier.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

The Benefits of CanEquity’s Mortgage Calculator

By: The Super Broker

Canadian Equity has recently upgraded its mortgage calculators, refining them with client feedback to make them bigger, better and more beneficial.

Low mortgage rates

Mortgage opportunities in a low rate market

By: The Super Broker

Although recent data outlining Canada’s economic growth has been less than favorable, an article from Canadian Mortgage Trends makes the case that this offers a silver lining for mortgage borrowers.

When to refinance

By: The Super Broker

One segment of the population is being overlooked when it comes to the opportunities the current market offers: homeowners.


Now is the time to refinance

By: The Super Broker

By taking advantage of current mortgage rates and refinancing now, homeowners can guarantee savings for years to come.

Refinancing vs. Modification: Which is best for you?

By: The Super Broker

One way homeowners ease economic burden is by exploring loan modifications and refinances.

Mortgage Rules

Flaherty Tightens Canadian Mortgage Rules.

By: Elias Kellendonk

Come July 9th, the CMHC will no longer insure mortgages with amortizations longer than 25 years, and will further limit the amount a homeowner can refinance their mortgage to 80%, down from 85%.

Home renovation

Home improvements dwindling amid debt worries

By: The Super Broker

Many Canadians are putting their renovation plans on hold as personal debt from credit cards, car payments and home loans continues to rise, according to a new survey.

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