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Don't be Afraid to Talk to a Mortgage Broker

By: Elias Kellendonk

Halloween aside, this October has plenty of reasons to get you spooked, what with a recession, a long and tiring election campaign, and recent world events. Plenty of reasons, but your mortgage need not be one of them. We’re here to help in this frightful time, no matter if you’re buying a home, renewing your …

Data sheds light on big banks and mortgage market

By: The Super Broker

While much has been made of forecasts and feelings regarding Canada’s mortgage market in the last few months, nothing compares to cold, hard facts.

Protecting against predatory lenders

By: The Super Broker

There are a number of ways for potential homeowners to ensure they are receiving good service when interacting with a mortgage lender.

Hurricane Sandy’s full effect not yet known

By: The Super Broker

The shockwaves from the U.S. economy will be felt throughout Canada as well.

Bank dividend hikes signal a healthy industry

By: The Super Broker

It’s likely that everybody – homeowners, potential homeowners, first-time buyers, people who know people with homes, Canadians in general – wants the best for the mortgage industry.

Moody's believes in Canada's housing market and economy

By: The Super Broker

There has been a lot of dramatic mortgage news surrounding the Canadian housing market lately – it’s difficult to try and keep up with it all.

Bad news for big banks

By: The Super Broker

Most of the biggest banks in Canada recently got an unwelcome surprise. Standard & Poors Ratings Service announced July 27 that it had lowered the outlook for a number of banks from “stable” to “negative.”

Low mortgage rates

Canadian mortgage rates drop at big banks; brokers still best bet

By: The Super Broker

Some of Canada’s biggest banks don’t appear to have heard recent calls to raise interest rates sooner than later.

Canadian Mortgage Brokers

Get a mortgage online? Someday

By: The Super Broker

As more people are turned off from dealing with big banks, many financial services – including home loans – are shifting to the internet, according to The Montreal Gazette.

Mortgage Lenders

Bank earnings expected lower as regulations, consumer warning sink in

By: The Super Broker

As more Canadians heed the warning against over-borrowing in the face of low interest and mortgage rates, big banks are beginning to feel the pinch.

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