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Low mortgage rates

Mortgage rates present opportunity

By: The Super Broker

Historically low mortgage rates are continuing to make homeownership affordable for Canadians, according to the Royal Bank of Canada. Data from the RBC's Housing Trends and Affordability report shows that low mortgage rates are keeping Canadian homeowners from entering dangerously unaffordable territory. Additionally, the report stated that rate increases are likely not on the horizon. …

Low mortgage rates remain despite government interference

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It seems that not every member of the Conservative cabinet is a huge fan of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s penchant for getting involved in the mortgage market.

amortization period

OSFI considers shortening amortization rates

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Reports out of Ottawa could spell big changes for mortgage borrowers concerning amortization rates, according to The Globe and Mail.

Canadian mortgage market

Trends and predictions for Canada's mortgage market

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The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals has released its Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada report for 2012.

Penny saved

A penny saved is a mortgage payment earned

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Are you the type of person who sees a penny on the sidewalk and steps right over it? You might be missing a golden (or copper) opportunity to pay off your home loans!

Mortgage Rules

Flaherty Tightens Canadian Mortgage Rules.

By: Elias Kellendonk

Come July 9th, the CMHC will no longer insure mortgages with amortizations longer than 25 years, and will further limit the amount a homeowner can refinance their mortgage to 80%, down from 85%.

Housing market

Is the Canadian housing market poised for a fall?

By: The Super Broker

Canada’s housing market held up well through the recent global financial crisis, especially compared with its neighbor to the south. But could an American-style housing collapse be on the horizon?

Amortization Period

New mortgage type includes shorter amortization period

By: The Super Broker

Canadians looking to pay off their home loans faster may soon be able to qualify for a new type of mortgage from BMO Bank of Montreal.


New mortgage rules take effect today

By: The Super Broker

Tighter mortgage regulations designed to pare back the current levels of household debt across Canada take effect today, meaning those looking for Canadian mortgages likely won’t have the option of a 35-year amortization.


New mortgage rules hold back some first-time buyers

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New government mortgage rules which go into effect on Friday will eliminate government-backed mortgage insurance for 35-year mortgages, and has had the effect of making many potential homebuyers think twice about their purchase.

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