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Canadian mortgage market

Trends and predictions for Canada's mortgage market

By: The Super Broker

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals has released its Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada report for 2012.


Despite new jobs and small businesses, unemployment still affects many Canadians

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There are always two sides to every story – three, even, depending on whom you ask – and this is no exception.

Canadian economy

Commercial real estate properties and activity fuel Canadian economy

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Everyone who knows somebody contributing to the commercial mortgage sector needs to thank that person for contributing to the Canadian economy.

Housing starts

Canadian dollar, housing starts surpass economists' expectations

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In wonderful news of the month, the Canadian dollar is up and recently closed at a 13-month high. Way to go, loonie!

Bank dividend hikes signal a healthy industry

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It’s likely that everybody – homeowners, potential homeowners, first-time buyers, people who know people with homes, Canadians in general – wants the best for the mortgage industry.

Sold sign

Million-dollar homes doing well as housing market softens

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The new rules governing Canadian home loans might be putting a serious crimp in some peoples’ housing plans, but for wealthier homebuyers, they haven’t even caused a wrinkle.

Lower mortgage rates

Canadian economy gets down to the limbo beat

By: The Super Broker

Where once Canada’s economy and housing market looked like a rollercoaster, today it more closely resembles a bizarre limbo contest.

Housing market

Canadian housing market slowing, but remains the envy of the world

By: The Super Broker

After what seems like years of increasing home sales and low mortgage rates, could it be that the Canadian housing market is finally slowing down?

Canadian confidence grows, but what's causing shaky U.S. recovery?

By: The Super Broker

As the American economy continues its climb out of recession, more Canadian financial experts are gaining confidence in their southern neighbors. Still, any slips stateside could carry significant consequences for Canada.


Majority of Canadians say 2011 was a successful year

By: The Super Broker

Despite rising household debt and severe global economic issues causing low consumer confidence, most Canadians say 2011 was a successful year.

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