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Late mortgage payment

Dealing with mortgage payment difficulties

By: The Super Broker

There are a number of strategies to deal with mortgage payment difficulties.

When to refinance

By: The Super Broker

One segment of the population is being overlooked when it comes to the opportunities the current market offers: homeowners.


Now is the time to refinance

By: The Super Broker

By taking advantage of current mortgage rates and refinancing now, homeowners can guarantee savings for years to come.

Refinancing vs. Modification: Which is best for you?

By: The Super Broker

One way homeowners ease economic burden is by exploring loan modifications and refinances.

A bit of preplanning can prevent expensive mortgage fees, penalties

By: The Super Broker

These days everything is about cost – the cost of metropolitan living vs. rural, increasing home prices, how expensive it is just to buy food to, you know, survive.

Cut years off your mortgage

Tips for a mortgage-free future

By: The Super Broker

Many Canadians expect their mortgages will follow them around for a while, but a new poll of savvy consumers reveals some of the ways homeowners have gotten out of debt quickly.

Mortgage Calculator

How to Calculate Mortgage Penalties

By: Elias Kellendonk

There are numerous good reasons as to why mid-term you may be considering the option of breaking your mortgage. You may have found yourself in need of extra finances, have located a much better rate, are aiming to consolidate high interest debts, are interested in early renewal or are paying out the balance of your …

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