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Know Your Credit Limits, CanEquity

Credit Granting in Canada Can Foster Dependence

By: The Super Broker

Paying the absolute minimum amount on your credit card debt will cost you thousands of dollars in accrued interest.

HELOC - Canada

Falling Housing Prices Mean It's Time To Act

By: The Super Broker

When home values begin to decline, it ‘s best to take action before lenders and home insurers start narrowing their allowances

Benchmark Rate

Higher Qualification Rates Posted by Banks

By: The Super Broker

On April 19th, all banks will be using what is referred to as a ‘benchmark rate’ to see who qualifies for a mortgage.


When to Lose the Bidding War

By: The Super Broker

There comes a point in time when a house price rises so high that a purchase may just not be a wise decision.

Score Maker

New Tool to Improve Credit Score

By: The Super Broker

ScoreMaker gives advice to potential homebuyers on how to boost their credit score.


Canadian’s Debt Loads Reach All-Time High

By: The Super Broker

Historically the cost of a home has equated three times the average Canadian worker’s income after tax.


Canadians Cognizant of Rising Debt Ratios

By: The Super Broker

Contentions that Canadians risk their financial security and seek financing beyond their means are not true.


Safe Investing Points to Large-Cap Companies

By: The Super Broker

Investors should be looking for companies with a strong potential to generate cash flow and with interest-swallowing debt loads well in check.

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