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Low mortgage rates can offset high prices

By: The Super Broker

While rising home prices are good news for sellers and buyers seeking a sound investment, they can also make it that much harder for some Canadians to enter into homeownership.


Fitch Ratings highlights six default factors

By: The Super Broker

According to Fitch Ratings’ Canadian Residential Mortgage Loan Loss Model, there are six primary factors that influence mortgage defaults.

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Preparing your credit for a mortgage application

By: The Super Broker

While it’s easier than ever for Canadian homebuyers to lock in low mortgage rates, it’s important for individuals to understand how their credit will influence the process.

Rental property

Buying a rental property

By: The Super Broker

For Canadians looking to add to their income, investing in a rental property is an attractive option.

what effects your credit score

Get to know your credit report: Easy tips from the FCAC

By: The Super Broker

Regardless of whether people know anything about their credit scores – or the complicated math formulas that go into determining them – the three-digit numbers a part of life, just like death and taxes.


How to avoid a credit repair scam

By: The Super Broker

From the time we get our first job to when we get our hands on our first credit card, we are constantly informed of the importance of maintaining a strong credit rating.

Credit history

Improve Bad Credit in Six Easy Steps

By: Elias Kellendonk

Credit score is one of the major players in determining the amount of financing and interest rate you are eligible to receive. Credit history proves to lenders how reliable you are when granted funds. Leading up to your mortgage application, there are six, quite simple steps you can take to help improve your credit rating. …

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