Terms with Tag Classifieds

  • In-Ground Sprinkler (igsp)Abbreviation,
    • In-Ground Swimming Pool (i/g pl, PL-1)Acronym & Abbreviation,
      • In-Law Suite (inlw)Abbreviation,
        • Included (incl)Abbreviation,
          • Individual (indiv)Abbreviation,
            • Information (info)Abbreviation,
              • Information Technology (IT)Acronym,
                • Inspection Required (insp)Abbreviation,
                  • Insurance (insur) Abbreviation,
                    • An arrangement where one party provides financial protection to another party for specific damages or losses.
                  • Intercom (intcom)Abbreviation,
                    • A two-way communication system with speakers, microphones and sometimes video feeds used to identify visitors before unlocking the door to the building.
                  • Interest (IN, int) Acronym & Abbreviation,
                    • Money paid for the use of borrowed funds, usually expressed as an annual percentage.
                    Bank account transaction code.
                  • Interior (int)Abbreviation,
                    • Interior Access (iacc)Abbreviation,
                      • Irregular (irr)Abbreviation,
                        • Jetted Tub (jtub)Abbreviation,
                          • Kitchen (kt, kit.)Abbreviation,
                            • Kitchen/Bathroom (k/b)Abbreviation,
                              • Knowledge (Knowl)Abbreviation,
                                • Laboratory (lab)Abbreviation,
                                  • Lakefront (lkfrt)Abbreviation,
                                    • Laminate Flooring (lam-fl)Abbreviation,
                                      • Large (lrg)Abbreviation,
                                        • Laundry (Lndry, Lnd, Lndr)Abbreviation,
                                          • Lead Paint (ldpt)Abbreviation,
                                            • Lease (lse) Abbreviation,
                                              • A written agreement in which the property owner allows a tenant to use property in exchange for rent, and for a specified period. Or, a written agreement in which a car dealer allows a consumer to use a vehicle in exchange for payments for a specified period.
                                            • Leasehold (l/h) Abbreviation,
                                              • Land or property held under a lease for a term of years.
                                            • Legal Description (lgdc) Abbreviation,
                                              • A way of identifying a piece of property in writing that is acceptable to a court.
                                            • Level (levl, lvl)Abbreviation,
                                                As in level lot, land, or terrain.
                                              • Living Area (LA)Acronym,
                                                • Living Level (lvl)Abbreviation,
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