Terms with Tag Classifieds

  • Living Room (liv rm, lvrm, lrm, lr)Abbreviation,
    • Location (loc)Abbreviation,
      • Lock Up Garage (LUG)Acronym,
        • Loft (lft)Abbreviation,
          • An industrial space converted to a living space.
        • Lot Size (LSZ)Acronym,
            Usually in square feet.
          • Lower Level (L/L, ll)Acronym & Abbreviation,
            • Luxury (lux)Abbreviation,
                As in luxury appartment (full-service apartment with 24-hour doorman, laundry room, and elevator).
              • Maintenance (maint, mt)Abbreviation,
                • Male/Female (m/f)Abbreviation,
                  • Management (Mgmt)Abbreviation,
                    • Manager (Mgr)Abbreviation,
                      • Manufacturing (mftg)Abbreviation,
                        • Marble (mar)Abbreviation,
                          • Market (mkt)Abbreviation,
                              As in fair market value.
                            • Marketing (mktg)Abbreviation,
                              • Marsh (mrsh)Abbreviation,
                                • Masonry (msn)Abbreviation,
                                  • Master Bedroom (mstr, mbr)Abbreviation,
                                    • Master Bedroom with Bath (mba)Abbreviation,
                                      • Master Bedroom with Fireplace (MBRFP)Acronym,
                                        • Master Book (mbk)Abbreviation,
                                          • Master Page (MPG)Acronym,
                                            • Measured (ms)Abbreviation,
                                              • Microwave (m/w, mwv)Abbreviation,
                                                • Microwave Oven (mico)Abbreviation,
                                                  • Minimum (min)Abbreviation,
                                                    • Modern (mod)Abbreviation,
                                                      • Modern Appliances (mod appl)Abbreviation,
                                                        • Modern Eat-In Kitchen (meik)Abbreviation,
                                                          • Modern Kitchen (mk)Abbreviation,
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