Terms with Tag Classifieds

  • River View (riv vu)Abbreviation,
    • Rolling Land (roll)Abbreviation,
      • Roof (rf)Abbreviation,
        • Roof Deck (rfdk)Abbreviation,
          • Room (rm)Abbreviation,
            • Rough Graded Lot (RGRA)Acronym,
              • Route (Rte)Abbreviation,
                • RV Parking (RV prkg)Abbreviation,
                  • Salary (sal)Abbreviation,
                    • Satellite Dish (sat)Abbreviation,
                      • Screened Porch (scrnd porch, scrnd prch)Abbreviation,
                        • Secretary (Secy)Abbreviation,
                          • Security Bars (bars)Abbreviation,
                              Security bars installed on windows to prevent break-ins.
                            • Security Deposit (sec, sec dep) Abbreviation,
                              • In automobile leases, sometimes called reconditioning reserve. An amount, often the same as one month's payment, the dealer holds to be sure that the car will be returned in good condition. It is to be returned, less fees and damage charges, at the end of the lease.
                            • Security System (sec sys, sec, secsys)Abbreviation,
                              • Seller Finance Option (SFIN)Acronym,
                                • Senior (sn)Abbreviation,
                                  • Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)Acronym,
                                    • Separate Kitchen (sep kit)Abbreviation,
                                      • Septic Design (spds)Abbreviation,
                                        • Service (svc)Abbreviation,
                                          • Sewer (swr, sew)Abbreviation,
                                            • Shared Drive (shdr)Abbreviation,
                                              • Shared Well (shwl)Abbreviation,
                                                • Shingle (shng)Abbreviation,
                                                  • Shipping (shpg)Abbreviation,
                                                    • Shopping (shpg)Abbreviation,
                                                      • Sidewalk (sdwk)Abbreviation,
                                                        • Single Female (SF)Acronym,
                                                          • Single White Female (SWF)Acronym,
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