Terms with Tag Classifieds

  • Washer and Dryer (washdry, W/D, wa/dr)Acronym & Abbreviation,
      Or a washer-dryer combination.
    • Washer Hookup (whkp)Abbreviation,
      • Washer/Dryer Connection (w/d con)Abbreviation,
        • Washer/dryer Hookup (w/d hkup)Abbreviation,
          • Washing Machine (W/M)Acronym,
            • Water (wtr, watr)Abbreviation,
              • Water Access (wtrac)Abbreviation,
                • Water Heater (wtrht)Abbreviation,
                  • Water Paid (wtr pd)Abbreviation,
                    • Water Softener (sft, wsoft)Abbreviation,
                      • Water View (wtr vu)Abbreviation,
                        • Waterfront (wft, wf, wtrfr)Abbreviation,
                          • Week (wk)Abbreviation,
                            • Weeks (wks)Abbreviation,
                              • Well Pump (pmp)Abbreviation,
                                • West (W)Acronym,
                                  • Wetlands (wetl)Abbreviation,
                                    • Whirlpool (whirl)Abbreviation,
                                      • Whole House Fan (WHF)Acronym,
                                        • Window Air-Conditioner (wair)Abbreviation,
                                          • Window Coverings (winco)Abbreviation,
                                            • Window Treatment (windt)Abbreviation,
                                                Could also mean window tinting.
                                              • Window/wall Unit (win)Abbreviation,
                                                  Window / wall air conditioner.
                                                • Winterized (wintr)Abbreviation,
                                                  • With (w/)Abbreviation,
                                                    • With Utilities (w/util)Abbreviation,
                                                        Rent includes the cost of gas and electricity.
                                                      • Wood Floor (wd flr)Abbreviation,
                                                        • Wood Flooring (woodflr)Abbreviation,
                                                          • Wood Floors (w/flrs)Abbreviation,
                                                            • Wood Frame (woodf)Abbreviation,
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