Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity

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  • current annuity value
  • present annuity value
  • present value of an annuity
  • current value of an annuity
  • annuity value



Definition of Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity

  1. A method used in determining the present value of an annuity or a series of annuities. The present value interest factor of annuity can be used to compare a range of scenarios with different values for interest rates and consecutive dollar withdrawals.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Annuity Factor Method Definition,
    • A way of determining the maximum amount an annuitant can withdraw from an annuity before penalties are applied.
  • Life Expectancy Method Definition,
    • A method of calculating the appropriate size of payments in an annuity's income phase by estimating the annuitant's life expectancy.
  • Maturity Guarantee Definition,
    • A guarantee that after a certain date a contract, such as a life insurance policy or annuity, will have a minimum dollar value.
  • Annuity Consideration Definition,
    • The payment(s) made by an individual in order to accumulate value in an annuity.
  • Commissioners' Reserve Valuation Method Definition,
    • A method used to determine the minimum statutory reserves for annuities and insurance products.
  • Future Value of an Annuity (FVA) Acronym,
    • The value of an annuity at some future date.
  • Annuity Table Definition,
    • A table that can be used to find the future value of an annuity.
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