Future Value of an Annuity

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  • potential value of an annuity
  • future annuity value
  • annuity outlook
  • prospective value of an annuity


  • FVA

Definition of Future Value of an Annuity

  1. A calculation of the future value of an annuity's worth at a specific date. Having an estimation of the future value of an annuity can be used by the individual to choose the right type of annuity and the best payment options.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Commissioners' Reserve Valuation Method Bank,
    • A method used to determine the minimum statutory reserves for annuities and insurance products.
  • Annuity Ladder Bank,
    • A financial plan to purchase multiple annuities from different companies over a number of years in order to minimize interest rate risk and the risk of a total loss.
  • Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity (PVIFA) Bank,
    • A method used to find an annuity's present value.
  • Annuity Bank,
    • A regular periodic payment made by an insurance company to a policyholder for a specified period of time.
    • A financial instrument that disperses a number of payments over a set period of time.
  • Annuity Table Bank,
    • A table that can be used to find the future value of an annuity.
  • Valuation Bank,
    • The estimation of a property's price value through an appraisal.
    • The process of finding the worth of an asset or business.
  • Annuity Consideration Definition,
    • The payment(s) made by an individual in order to accumulate value in an annuity.
  • Annuity Factor Method Bank,
    • A way of determining the maximum amount an annuitant can withdraw from an annuity before penalties are applied.
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