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Advantages of using a Mortgage Broker

By: igill

Mortgage Brokers are your personal shopper when it comes to mortgages. Brokers will have access to many lenders, each of them servicing a certain type of borrower. Brokers can present your application to the right lender, knowing which one will be a great fit. Using established relationships with lenders and presenting the file to them …

mortgage rate options

The ins and outs of mortgage rates

By: The Super Broker

It seems like not a week goes by that a major news story doesn’t rock the Canadian real estate market regarding mortgage rates.

mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers offer different options than banks

By: The Super Broker

When considering financing options for home buying, borrowers have two options: a bank or a mortgage broker. According to the Eastern Morning Herald, Canadians are looking for the best possible mortgage rates. The statistics show that as Canada's housing market continues to recover from the global recession in 2008, mortgage brokers are favored for helping …

cash back mortgage

Cash back mortgages

By: The Super Broker

Cash back mortgages allow borrowers to receive money back after the closing of a home loan.

mortgage renewal

New study spotlights renewals, brokers

By: The Super Broker

According to the Bank of Canada, buyers who stick with their current mortgage lender when it comes time for renewal may be cheating themselves out of a discount.

Mortgage brokers express concerns over industry

By: The Super Broker

Data from a Canadian Mortgage Professional poll provides a special insight into what issues facing the current real estate market most concern mortgage brokers. "No, the sky isn't falling, say the majority of brokers responding to CMP's fifth-annual Sentiment Poll, but their answers – recorded over a six-month period ending early March – suggest headroom is …


Homeowners optimistic regarding mortgage repayment

By: The Super Broker

New data from Scotiabank reveals that homeowners are feeling more confident in their ability to pay off their mortgages faster.

First-time homebuyers opt for fixed rates

By: The Super Broker

New data from the Bank of Montreal is shedding light on homebuyer habits, particularly those concerning first-time homebuyers.

Canadian homebuyers' mortgage expectations surveyed

By: The Super Broker

The results of a new survey from CIBC reveal that Canadian homeowners aren’t expecting to be mortgage-free until they’re 57 years old.

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