Attached Structure

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  • attached building

Alternate Spellings

  • townhouse
  • duplex
  • triplex

Definition of Attached Structure

  1. A section of a building that is directly attached to a structure. A carport that is a part of a house is an example of an attached structure.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Triplex Definition,
    • One building that contains three housing units.
  • Detached Structure Definition,
    • A building that is not attached to another building.
  • Attached (att, attd) Abbreviation,
    • Something that is affixed to a property.
    As in attached garage.
  • Duplex (dup) Abbreviation,
    • One building that contains two housing units.
    A two-unit complex.
  • Detached (det, detd) Abbreviation,
    • Something that is not affixed to a property.
    As in detached garage.
  • Townhouse (twnhse, th, town) Abbreviation,
    • A house that is attached to or built close to other houses.
  • Single-Family Detached Home Definition,
    • A house that one family lives in and is not attached to another house (like a duplex).
  • Multi-Family (mfam, MF) Acronym & Abbreviation,
    • A building with more than four residential units.
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