Not in My Backyard


  • A term used to describe opposition from residents to the introduction of a new zoning bylaw, or a controversial service / structure into their neighbourhood. Cellular phone towers, billboards, low income housing, group homes, slaughter houses, waste dumps, and prisons are all examples of things residents would not want built in their community. An acronym commonly used for 'not in my backyard' is NIMBY.

neighbourhood standards, protest


Alternate Spellings
Not In My Back Yard

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Amenities Definition,
    • Amenities are features such as green space, playgrounds, community centres, shopping malls, or swimming pools that make a neighbourhood or community more desirable for living.
  • Blighted Area Definition,
    • An ugly, run-down neighbourhood.
  • Building Moratorium Definition,
    • A temporary or permanent halt on construction.
  • Curb Appeal Definition,
    • The look of a house when viewed from the street.
  • Historic Structure Definition,
    • Important structure significant to history
  • Infrastructure Definition,
    • Basic installations that a community needs, such as schools, roads, water and electrical lines, power plants and communications systems.
  • Key Lot Definition,
    • A lot of which ownership is essential in acquiring a piece of land for development, either because of its strategic location or the timing of the acquisition.
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